Shielded PCB Rogowski Coil CT
  • Customer custom design support
  • Flexible form factor
  • No shape & size limitation
  • Auto Calibration(zero, offset), Range scaling
  • Digital filtering(IIR, FIR, COS, DFT)
  • Protection algorithm, Power quality function
Various Form-factors PCB Rogowski CT
Ultra Small Size PCB Rogowski CT
Rogowski type1 3000A

Smart Grid Distribution Panel Digital Power Measuring Module
  • Infinior VoltSync Technology
  • Smart Factory individual load monitoring support
  • Smart MCCB insulation support
  • Infinior Patent

Infinior RTOS UI Software
  • Easy to use due to simple APIs
  • Context base engine
    - Similar structure with Multi tasking
    - Simple code maintenance
    - Multi-language support 
  • Super-fast boot support( 1 Sec )
MPR(Digital Motor Protection Relay)